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Ayekoo Afrique - The Virtual Bridge across the Atlantic Ocean

Ayekoo Afrique was created with the primary interest of making the learning of African languages an easy task to people such as Africans in the Diaspora, African Americans who although living outside the African continent share a connection with us by reason of ancestry, culture, and relationships. Not to forget people from elsewhere across the globe who have the desire to move to Africa.

So we built a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean and named it Ayekoo Afrique (Ayekoo is a Ga word that means well-done). We built the bridge for people of African descent to crossover virtually to the African continent in order to learn an African language of their choice with a native speaker, via one-on-one conversational lessons that aim to help them gain confidence, cultural exposure, and fluency in the language they are interested in.

We started out in October 2020, with two languages and gradually expanded to six. Currently namely: Ga (Ghana), Yoruba (Nigeria), Twi (Ghana), Darija (Morocco), Hausa, and Ibibio (Nigeria).