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Studies in Urhobo Culture

This unique book is the product of pioneering research carried out by scholars native to the Urhobo culture and language. Unlike many of the other major ethnic cultures in Nigeria, which were studied by Western anthropologist in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Urhobo language and culture remained neglected. Studies in Urhobo Culture represents a comparatively new area of research, approached from an indigenous perspective. The result is a wide-ranging survey of Urhobo culture in Nigeria, offering diverse perspectives on topics such as: naming traditions and practices of the Urhobo; religious beliefs, values and movements; traditions of marriage; artistic productions, food and dress subcultures; and the geography of Urhoboland and agricultural practices. In-depth consideration is given to Urhobo traditional poetry and the intellectual aspects of Urhobo culture and language, within the wider complex of the Edoid languages and cultures. The contributors further situate the language question within the global context of language endangerment, arguing the Urhobo case is an example of how English and Pidgin are imperilling small and medium-sized languages in Africa, and weakening the hold of indigenous cultures on the younger generation.

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