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Urhobo World

Urhobo Wado! Welcome to Urhobo World - Urhobo Cultural Platform; the Urhobo youtube channel. We are all about Urhobo culture, traditional music, Urhobo gospel music, and other Urhobo Christian music. You will enjoy Urhobo dance watching our videos but it’s also a great way to learn Urhobo Language. We are happy to feature content from Urhobo Artist, Urhobo Comedy, Urhobo movie, and videos of your Urhobo Traditional wedding, Urhobo wedding, and any other forms of Urhobo songs. Our live discussions will engage eminent Urhobo sons and daughters, high achievers in different walks of life; from business people and entrepreneurs to Comedians, Artist, musicians, writers, politicians, our royal fathers, and community leaders. Make sure you subscribe and click on notifications so that you don’t miss our updates. You can also follow us on our website,, follow us on all social media using @urhoboworld. Like, comment, share and subscribe. Urhobo Ovuovo!