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Building language technologies for our under-represented languages

This webinar intends to discuss the question of how we can build language technologies for our minority/indigenous/endangered languages and dialects. Language is an important part of culture and so how do we ensure that artificial intelligence represents the culture of everyone in the world and not just the majority? Meet the Speakers Meet the Hosts

African Carpentries Community meetup with Lanfrica  

African Carpentries Meetup with Lanfrica

Lanfrica and the problems facing the advancement of technologies for African languages On Thursday, August 11 2022, at 7:00 a.m. UTC,  Lanfrica presented at the CarpentryCon 2022 event, hosted by The African Carpentries Community. About the talk Africa is one of the most linguistically diverse regions in the world – a continent rich in languages […]

We Ain’t Just Cooking Jollof Rice, We Are Building AfricaNLP

There is more to Africa than the varieties of Jollof Rice delicacies or the melodious and vibeable tunes of Afrobeats. There are African languages! With the rise of Natural Language Processing, attention has been heavily placed on western languages with several discoveries and advancements that make these languages highly resourced. However, one may ask or […]

Lanfrica Language Highlight

Lanfrica Language Highlight is about creating awareness on the not-so-popular African languages. While there are admirable efforts towards representing African languages in technology, these efforts are unequal: with some African languages receiving a lot of attention – like Swahili (swh), and Yoruba (yor) – while others have far less. See for yourself in the image below. […]