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[Remote] Opportunities at Lanfrica​ Labs

Lanfrica Labs, with the support of The Masakhane Research Foundation, and FAIR Forward, an initiative of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), is announcing three open positions. The internet today is made up of a rich, diverse tapestry of ideas, cultures, perspectives, opinions, and resources. Leveraging popular search engines, people access these ideas and perspectives through […]

“Data Farming” for the Global South

By Chris Emezue With the advent of AI and its ever-expanding applications, I have both witnessed and been at the forefront of fast-growing movements to harness artificial intelligence to address the unique challenges faced within the African context. This encompasses a broad spectrum of endeavors, ranging from efforts to enhance the representation of African languages […]

Building language technologies for our under-represented languages

This webinar intends to discuss the question of how we can build language technologies for our minority/indigenous/endangered languages and dialects. Language is an important part of culture and so how do we ensure that artificial intelligence represents the culture of everyone in the world and not just the majority? Meet the Speakers Meet the Hosts

Lanfrica Crosses Milestone of 1000 African AI Resources🎉

In 2022, Lanfrica, following its launch, set a goal to find and link at least 1000 African language resources. We are pleased to announce that on the last day of 2022, we achieved this milestone, and are now providing access to more than 1000 African resources on our platform. This achievement is a testament to […]

African Carpentries Community meetup with Lanfrica  

African Carpentries Meetup with Lanfrica

Lanfrica and the problems facing the advancement of technologies for African languages On Thursday, August 11 2022, at 7:00 a.m. UTC,  Lanfrica presented at the CarpentryCon 2022 event, hosted by The African Carpentries Community. About the talk Africa is one of the most linguistically diverse regions in the world – a continent rich in languages […]

Lanfrica v1 has been launched!

The last few months have been full of activity at Lanfrica, and we are happy to announce that Lanfrica is officially launched. Why Lanfrica? Lanfrica aims to mitigate the difficulty encountered in the discovery of African language resources by creating a centralized, language-first catalog. For instance, if you’re looking for resources (linguistic datasets or research papers) in […]